Access Bars

Access Bars is a treatment in which 32 points and areas on your head are gently touched. This allows you to easily let go of everything that hinders you from standing in your power and to live effortlessly and happily.
These points include ideas, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you have saved over time.
With “Bars”, energetic bars are meant. Several of these energetic bars run in the head. If you have your Bars checked, the polar electrical charge as stored in the brain can dissolve.
The different bars are connected to various areas in your life. Such as money, aging, body, sexuality, joy, healing and creativity.
After having treated your Access Bars, you will at least have the feeling that you have received a wonderful massage. In the best case, your life has changed. Many people experience more space and relaxation, so they can make better choices.

I can already give effective treatment from 20 minutes.