Womb constellations

In my practice I get many people who have already suffered traumas in the womb.

The vast majority of our behavior and emotions that we have as adults, can be traced back to the way our life originated from conception, what our life in the womb looked like, and how we were born. Basic patterns are already applied to the foetus: if your mother was tense then you are probably often tense without being aware of that.

What do you know about your own conception? Your father would have preferred a son? Or did your own mother have agony during pregnancy? Or worse, you were not wanted? An abortion has been committed or a child is born dead. It is possible that this stands in the way of a pregnancy.

How can you heal this? By bringing it to consciousness. By telling these people that their life course is influenced or even determined by the circumstances in the womb and at their birth. This knowledge and awareness can bring a lot of clarity and renewed connection to yourself. This can release the tension.

A baby shares in everything the mother experiences for nine months and this has a big influence on how the baby lives its live. Another factor is how the father deals with pregnancy. Is he present? Or does he never have time? Is he relaxed? All this affects the baby.

When a woman is pregnant, anything can come up that has not been processed. Dealing with  unresolved fears and traumas can make a world of difference for the baby. If you know of yourself and each other what exactly is your trauma, you can handle so much more! Memories that affect your entire life are stored at cellular level.

There is much that you can still do to recover from things that happened around your own birth, but also before, during and after the birth of your child. In my practice I help people to relieve these traumas and/or tensions through shiatsu, organ massage and a womb constellations. In a womb constellation you go back in time in your mind, to the time in the womb and the tensions and / or fears that you experienced there. While this happens I am going to release the tension. After a consellation, people notice that they can breathe deeper, feel more free and handle stress better.

I would like to treat women and also men preventively, before they try to become pregnant, so that their child can be born in a relaxed environment.

It is ideal if you (both partners) prepare for the arrival of your child before and during pregnancy.