People who come with complaints go throught the following steps:
Anamnesis (extensive intake interview) to obtain more information about the person, the physical complaint(s) and the origin of this complaint(s),
Diagnosis to get a good idea of the current state of the person,
Customized treatment plan is a plan of approach with the aim of improving your health,
before I start a followup treatment we start evaluating first what happend after the last treatment, which effect had the treatment where there any occurrences which had influence on the balance of the meridians? If required I will anticipate on the new emerged situation.

My treatments are based on five nature-oriented principles:
1.Energy: How is your energy level? I give a lot of attention to this in the Anamnesis, with the shiatsu and/or massage;
2. Incentive transfer: Where are the blockages and how well do the meridians flow? We are working on this with shiatsu and/or massage;
3. Drainage: By solving blockages, waste products are released, that we remove with shiatsu, massage and/or exercises;
4. Nutrition: During the anamnesis and treatment we also talk about nutrition. Maybe you need to adjust your diet. Sometimes I recommend taking extra vitamins, supplements and/or cell salts from Dr. Schussler;
5. The psyche and the (un) conscious pathogenic behavior pattern: Some blockages have been created by events that you have experienced. Your upbringing or your environment may have played a role in this. We are working on this through shiatsu, organ massage (CNT), systemic (uterine) arrangement (s) and / or EFT, so that you become more aware of yourself and do not repeat yourself.