EFT (= Emotional Freedom Techniques)



Release negative emotions and physical pain in a simple way.

This technique is used to treat traumas, phobias, physical or psychosomatic complaints (headache, migraine, back pain,) and addictions. The aim of the technique is to make someone less sensitive to certain stimuli that cause anxiety or unrest (desensitization). It neutralizes the emotional charge of memories and physical pains. When applying Emotional Freedom Techniques we take the following steps:

• Rate the intensity of the negative emotion between 0 and 10, where 0 is none and 10 is a lot.
• You break through the unconscious resistance to healing and the unconscious retention of the problem by saying the affirmation text: “I completely accept myself despite [the problem]”; at the same time rubbing or tapping on various acupuncture points takes place.
• Then activate the right and left hemispheres with a few simple exercises.
• Post-measurement. You again give the intensity of the negative emotion between 0 and 10.

With EFT every problem is tackled by separating it into specific memories and subdividing it into aspects. Aspects are all parts or details of a problem. These are symptoms such as: physical sensations, all sensory perceptions, emotions and feelings, triggers, and judgments. All aspects must be dealt with separately, and systematisch is very important.

If the therapy is effective, the patient gradually relaxes. That is often accompanied by physical sensations like yawning. The negative emotions and physical pain are released.