Qigong Sensory Therapy

Qigong Sensory Therapy or Qigong massage comes from China. In China, this therapy has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of disorders in children and adults. The Qigong Sensory Therapy programma (QST) has been developed for children with autism. The treatment can be given by parents at home and ensures that the symptoms of autism are noticeably reduced.

Children with autism often have developmental or behavioral problems. They often have trouble being touched and therefore avoid physical contact and are hypersensitive to (sound) stimuli.

Physical contact is the oldest and most effective way to comfort young children. Autistic children can react fiercely and atypical to touching. The result is that both parents and child avoid physical contact.

Research indicatest hat Qigong Therapy works for children with autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD/ADD, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and sensory information processing problems.

(Click here for more research data.)

There are specific techniques for every challenge and every problem area on the skin such as the head, fingers and toes. Over time, the massage is experienced as relaxing and pleasant. This allows you as a parent to touch your child again, so to help your child naturally in his learning process and development.

Qigong Sensory Therapy:


I can train and guide parents with the Qigong Sensory Therapy. If it concerns children who have a developmental delay and/or no ability to speak yet, I begin with an extensive intake interview in which we determine the level of the child. After that I can prepare a treatment plan.

If it concerns a child with a developmental delay, a minimum of 10 appointments follow in which I guide the parents in giving the Qigong massage. These appointments can also be done via skype. Click on the following link for the cost.

Parents with children without developmental delay are also welcome, since the Qigong massage is good for everyone to undergo.

Qigong Sensory Therapy is also suitable for adults; I train caregiver in a care home or their partners.

Parent/caregiver training in Wageningen (I can also train on location for multiple families or care providers)
For more information  QST lecture

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