Shiatsu is an Eastern healing method. Shiatsu assumes meridians in the body that provide energy flows, Ki. If Ki is blocked, the body can get sick. Conversely, a sick body can heal through stimulation from Ki.
Let yourself be relaxed by a Shiatsu treatment. Shiatsu (shia = finger, tsu= pressure) is a pressure point massage according to the ancient Chinese healing method. Shiatsu stimulates the body, relaxes the mind and has a healing effect.

When Shiatsu?
• to feel more energetic and fitter,
• to work with pleasure again,
• to sleep better,
• to have less pain.

Shiatsu often helps very well with:
• headache, migraine, back pain, RSI/CAN, nerve pain.

For problems with:
• blood and lymphatic system, muscle and bone system, digestive process and hormone system;
• pregnancy or after a surgery;
• trauma processing.

Shiatsu is also a good supportive therapy for chronic diseases, because Shiatsu stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body. Surprising results are sometimes achieved.
An introductory treatment can take half an hour.
A treatment with an intake interview takes approximately one and a half hours.
Processes run much faster in children, which is why an hour is usually long enough.
For a good treatment it is important that you wear comfortable clothes made from natural products, i.e cotton, linen or wool. It is better not to drink coffee a few hours before treatment. Please do not use perfumes or deodorants on the day of treatment.